About My Beaded Feet

I discovered Grandco® Sandals several years ago while on vacation in Florida.  I bought two pairs and that began my love affair with these sandals.  I looked for them in the Dallas area but couldn’t find them. Years later, I stumbled on a store in Lake Tahoe that sold them and bought another pair.  Since then, I have been ordering them online.  I have always had people comment on the sandals and ask me where I got them.  So I finally decided to start a business to sell them.  That’s how My Beaded Feet was born.

Initially, my plan is to sell the Grandco® Sandals at area bazaars and fairs.   I would be happy to bring the sandals to your home and set up a “show” if you would like to host one in your home.

My current advertising plan is using Facebook to spread the word and photos of these sandals.   Please “like” my page, My Beaded Feet, and share with your friends.   I will post updates letting you know where and when I will be participating in an event.

In addition to my Facebook page, you can contact me at mybeadedfeet@gmail.com.


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